Newly revamped, beautifully and professionally presented tools, templates and worksheets that you can not only rebrand and add your logo too, but via Canva (free or paid subscription) you can change any part of the template you wish to and produce it in high-quality print, PDF, or image.


Tools, templates and worksheets to lift your professional offerings for clients spanning mind, body, spirit and health behaviour change so no matter what area of coaching you work in, you have resources to support all clients. Includes a brief instructional video on how to use Canva (all you need is a free account).


All the hard work has been done for you by our Digital Media Expert, she has created layouts that are user-friendly and highly attractive.



  1. Diet diary
  2. Connecting to Internal Eating Cues
  3. Swap It List
  4. Blood Sugar Cycle
  5. Eating and Moods Tracking
  6. Weekly Meal Planning Template
  7. Hydration Checker
  8. Client Scaling Form
  9. Scripting Homework Sheet
  10. Dietary Variety Checker
  11. Weekly Shopping List
  12. Eating Triggers
  13. DEARS template
  14. Low GI Index Foods
  15. Med Diet Score
  16. Seasonal Produce – Southern Hemisphere
  17. Seasonal Produce – Northern Hemisphere
  18. My Journey of My Spirit
  19. My Wellbeing Tracker
  20. My Monthly Meditation Tracker
  21. My Gratitude Tracker
  22. My Dreams Tracker
  23. My Compassion Rating
  24. The Wheel of Life
  25. Eating Behaviours
  26. Healthful Movement Strategies
  27. Stress Coping Strategies
  28. Mindfulness and Balance Strategies
  29. Fostering Self-Confidence Strategies
  30. Decisional Balance Sheet
  31. Realistic Thinking Worksheet
  32. Being Mindful
  33. Self-Care Checkup
  34. Improving Your Self-Tallk
  35. Stages of Change Worksheet
  36. Readiness to Change Ruler
  37. Levels of Worry and Concern
  38. Adjusting Levels of Worry
  39. Determining Your Level of Worry
  40. iGROW Model
  41. My Mindfulness Actions
  42. Sleeping Habits Worksheet
  43. Sleep Diary
  44. Personal Values Worksheet

That’s less than $1 per template!!!

This option does not include the Wellbeing Assessment Form, refer to our Premium Kit.  To access all resources including the Discovery Program Workbook and Coaches Manual (ideal for coaches looking to provide a coaching plan for clients and to create structure for their coaching) refer to the Platinum Kit.