An online course to help you build your coaching business. Covering the following modules:

  1. My Ideal Client: Defining your ideal client and creating your client avatar
  2. My Niche and Point of Connection: Creating your client story, and making an authentic engagement with your people
  3. Confident Sales with a Strong Mantra: Selling with deep confidence and self-belief, creating your mantra and calling out the Imposter Syndrome
  4. Marketing and Messaging with Integrity
  5. Packaging with Intention; Creating your unique package and setting your pricing
  6. Finding your Tribe; Attracting clients via ethical hooks and fostering collaborations

(7)  Additional Resources; Apps, websites, advertising with socials and Google, collaborations and more.


You’ll download each business coaching booklet as they arrive and save it to your device. Each booklet is a writable document so you can make notes on the document. Each topic has a planner so you can plan the actions you’ll take, as well as determine when you’ll do them to help you stay on track. You’ll be developing and growing your business from the bottom up, step by step, in a logical and solid manner.