We’ve bundled all our Coaching Resource Kits and workbooks to create the ultimate coaching kit you can rebrand to launch with your coaching services so you have a full set of client ‘assets’. The Platinum Kit includes:

  1. The Coaching Resource Kit with 44 fully customisable tools, templates and worksheets professionally created in Canva (requires only a free subscription) so you have 100% control over the look and feel of every document. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a PDF manual with a link that will take you to the templates in Canva and also another link to the instruction video. That’s less than $1 per template.
  2. Well College Global’s Wellbeing Assessment tools so you can format (note Terms of Use below*), which you will have used during your studies with us. This document is located on the WCG Learning System.
  3. My Discovery Program Booklet to help you structure your session, and so your clients can work through their growth and personal development with you and while you are not in contact. This is a 73-page PDF that comes with an 8-page Coaching Manual, it is a protected document and is not customisable, however, clients can write directly into the document. These documents are also located on the WCG Learning System.


*Terms of Use

TheĀ  Wellbeing Assessment Tool provided here remains the intellectual property of Well College. The use and alteration of these documents is allowed under these terms however proper and clear acknowledgement to the source author (Well College Global) must be maintained within the footer of the documents. By purchasing this product you have agreed to the terms and conditions of use, failure to follow these terms may result in action under copyright laws.