This E-Book is about me (Don Singe) doing the things I needed to do, responding to people or taking steps to gain experience. The sharing and information here are merely a reflection of a process which worked for me. So, enjoy the read and may you experience good, strategic, calculated and strong self-determining LUCK! The most common question I am asked is, how I got to where I am, and what is the key to making it in the strength and conditioning industry.


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Disappointments and blows to our self-esteem are constant niggles to be endured in life. We are humans and as such we live by emotion and an expectation to contribute to our life and the world around us. I am no different! I have had many glorious days and I have also faced disappointment and poor outcomes. For me … I look at the term self-esteem and I understand and decipher it as literally as it presents. Self (me) esteem (respect and admiration). I am my own prosecutor, defense counsel and eventually Judge. All me! In 2018 I was not working for an NRL or sporting club. I applied and had interviews for 2 clubs. The cowboys were interested but took another candidate who suited their needs at that time, the Titans general manager told me I had not made their shortlist of candidates. It happens to all of us with purpose and creates opportunities to review ourselves and go again. Don’t let negatives DEFINE you, instead learn the lessons and acknowledge them and let this REFINE you. I did and things worked out! They will for you too! In 2019 I started back in clubland as the Head of Performance.