You’ll explore concepts such as:

  • Constitutional diet (individualistic and energetic)
  • Prana, the cosmic principle of movement of energy
  • Understanding your constitution (Prakriti) and overcoming imbalances (Vikruti)
  • The influence of the Five Great Elements (Mahabhutas) of fire, earth, air, water and space/ether on our lives
  • How to work with your Dosha (physical constitution) and Guna (psychological) constitution

Such concepts go far beyond Western views of health and healing. AM is a wonderful system, one that connects us to the ‘Mother of Existence’ and the ‘Universal way of all things’. It can help us to live in harmony with nature and the universe; it
is a balancer and a wonderful rejuvenator of life. Ayurvedic practices we can lower our risk of disease, boost our immunity, improve our overall health and vitality and connect with the universe to lift our spiritual awareness.

This unit is an elective in our programs.