So, what exactly is a ‘healthy’ gut microbiome? It’s a question more and more researchers around the world are investigating as they strive to understand how an unhealthy gut microbiome may cause – or be linked to – disease and poor health (physically, mentally and emotionally). Identifying the characteristics of a healthy microbiome is a challenging task, though – especially as each of us seems to have a unique microbiota that is constantly evolving. Still, researchers have proposed that a healthy microbiome has the following three characteristics:

1.    Highly diverse with many different types of bacteria – the more, the better.

2.    Free of pathogenic microorganisms – the type that can cause an infection.

3.     Resistant and resilient – meaning that, after a gut infection, our gut microbiota can recover and return to a healthy state (Lloyd-Price et al., 2016).

You’ll learn about this and more in this exciting course. Be clear there is a whole bunch of science in this subject, it’s in-depth and explores physiology, disease and the life of bacteria. To keep things fresh the content is interspersed with videos, readings, and some activities, culminating with the option to create your own Gut Health Planner.
If holistic health is your thing, you’ll love this subject.