Flexible, short distance course (yes we know the contents look enormous, but we make it easy to follow) in weight loss nutrition, focusing on the physiology of weight gain and body fat reduction with a look at the psychology behind eating. You won’t be bored with the whole basic nutrition you have already covered in Cert III or IV, this course focuses on weight loss nutrition. The 2nd edition introduces concepts in nutrition psychology and non-diet approaches to a healthy weight, with data from around the world and is suitable for those in Australia, NZ, US and the UK. Extensive client tip sheets and healthy eating booklets. Perfect for those working in health, sports, fitness or weight loss consultancy. The assessment is an online untimed quiz.

“We need to focus on health, body cues and healthy eating, rather than on one nutrient, food or ‘diet’ or issues of body shape. We need to shift the focus to what is a healthy diet is, over what we shouldn’t be eating”.