Ever thought about what would happen if you stopped wasting valuable web traffic, started attracting more ideal prospects and could convert them into paying customers? That’s the dream right? Knowing what exact tactics you should take to improve your online marketing can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but the great thing is that’s not actually as hard as you may think. In fact, making these 6 simple tweaks to your website today has the potential to significantly increase your earning potential tomorrow. Whether you have an e-commerce platform looking to generate more online sales, or a service-based business looking to double your lead volume, this masterclass is for you if you want access to enhance your online game.

In this session we’ll be covering:
* The 6 essential elements every high converting website needs
* Easy-to-implement, digital strategies for generating more sales and leads while you sleep
* Simple online optimisation tactics to increase business revenue

Requirements: Internet connection

Presenter: Heather Porter