Level 2: Exercise After Pregnancy Workshop (Face-to-Face)
A practical workshop which builds on Level 1 to give the exercise professional a deeper and ‘hands on’ understanding.  This course commences with the postnatal screening process, the relevance and consequence of the outcomes in regarding to exercise modification or appropriate referral,  and the use of the screening process in providing musculoskeletal and mental health outcome measures.
Postnatal exercise readiness will be assessed using real-time ultrasound to investigate pelvic floor muscle activity under various loads and optimal recruitment of transversus abdominus.
We will test for abdominal separation, and discuss the latest theories and various management strategies to optimise the function of the abdominal wall musculature. Pelvic girdle stability and lower limb function is investigated by practising tests such as the active straight leg raise test and various functional lower limb tests; their relevance to exercise prescription is discussed.
Typical post-natal postures will be discussed, there are consequences and cues which may help correct regain optimal posture and breathing patterns critical for optimal movement and breathing patterns. The culmination of the practical workshop will be to design and demonstrate a comprehensive postnatal exercise programme for a complex client.

Location: 9B Green St, Brookvale, NSW 2100
Date: 10th Sept 2022
Time: 1 pm – 5pm (session 2)

See also Pre-natal Workshop as well as Level 1 online component pre-and postnatal exercise

Holds 4 ESSA CPD