Level 1 & 2:  Exercise After Pregnancy for Optimal Outcomes

Level 1: Excercise After Pregnancy for Optimal Outcomes (Online)
It’s in an exercise professional’s best interest to have a sound knowledge base in order to develop, establish, and be able to modify an excellent postnatal programme. The aim of the programme is to maintain the mother’s optimal health after the birth of her baby. Once the baby is born, a mother is usually keen to regain her shape, strengthen her abdominal, back and deep core muscles to help deal with the increased physical activity related to the care of her new baby, and also prepare for any subsequent pregnancies. A thorough understanding of the changes that have occurred to a woman’s body and mind, during pregnancy, and after the delivery of her baby is essential. These changes, which are specific to every woman, guide the trainer in developing an optimal personalised exercise programme.


Level 2: Exercise After Pregnancy for Optimal Outcomes Workshop (Face-to-Face)
A practical workshop which builds on Level 1 to give the exercise professional a thorough understanding.  This course commences with the postnatal screening process, the relevance and consequence of the screening results and the use of the screening process in providing musculoskeletal and mental health outcome measures. You will assess postnatal exercise readiness using real-time ultrasound to investigate pelvic floor muscle activity under various loads and optimal recruitment of transversus abdominus. We will test for abdominal separation and discuss the latest theories and management strategies to optimise the function of the abdominal wall musculature. Pelvic girdle stability and lower limb function will be investigated by practicing tests such as the active straight leg raise and various functional lower limb tests, and their relevance to exercise prescription will be evaluated. Typical post-natal postures will be discussed, their consequences and strategies which may help regain optimal posture and breathing patterns. The culmination of the practical workshop will be to design and demonstrate a comprehensive postnatal exercise programme for a complex client.

Location: 9B Green St, Brookvale, NSW 2100
Date: 10th Sept 2022
Time: 1 pm – 5pm (session 2)


See also Pre-natal Half-Day

Holds 10 and 4 ESSA CPD respectively