Holistic Wellness Coaching Program

Explore areas of holistic wellness so you might support your communities wellbeing. You’ll deep dive into holistic wellness to graduate a confident practitioner with a solid foundation in the philosophy of holism and holistic health options. Each subject differs slightly and you’ll use workbooks, live classes, practical work, videos, and extended readings to grow your knowing. As always our program is highly flexible so you can move through at a pace that means you absorb all there is on offer. Study from home, or work and enjoy connecting in person with other students and instructors.


Units of Study

  1. Introduction to Holistic Wellness
  2. The Practice of Coaching Clients Holistically Рyou are enrolling into this subject 
  3. Mental Health & Trauma Awareness
  4. Coaching Techniques for Flourishing Clients
  5. Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition 
  6. Practicum: Exploring Complementary Health Modalities
  7. Choice of 1 elective

If in doubt we are always happy to take your enrolment by phone, simply buzz our office (+61 2 94009759).

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