With just two additional subjects, you can add ‘Wellness Coach’ to your stable of qualifications. The format for this dual qualification is shown below:

  1. Psychology and Wellbeing Foundations
  2. Human Nutrition
  3. Wellbeing Management and Coaching Practices
  4. Physical, Mental Health and Trauma Awareness
  5. Coaching Practicum; Establishing your niche and professional network
  6. Diploma Elective 1 – Ayurveda
  7. Diploma Elective 2 – from approved list
  8. Diploma Elective 3 – from approved list
  9. Introduction to Holistic Wellness ($299)
  10. Coaching Techniques for Flourishing Clients (reduced fee due to slight overlap with Psychology) ($245)

In adding this program to your cart you will be automatically enrolled into both qualifications. This format then covers both the Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition & Health Coaching and the Holistic Wellness Coaching (HWC) programs.

When enrolling into an Upfront Bundle you will have an additional elective that can be completed anytime (the subjects do not expire). Completing the above subjects will finalise your qualifications and the office will raise your certificates and forward to you.


In completing the primary qualification, Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition & Health Coaching, you will be eligible to:

  1. Become a member of Health Coaches Australia and NZ
  2. Be accredited by PCI UK
  3. Be conferred a Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition & Health Coaching