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Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

Course Access: 365 days access
Course Overview

A 20-hour unit divided into three core areas of:

Physical health

Exploring global evidence and guidelines of what health movement is so you are able to share these with clients and pass on simple physical activity strategies.


Emotional health

Students undertake two coaching sessions, as the client, with approved coaches (these sessions are conducted externally and paid directly to an approved coach), the sessions are undertaken at any time in the 12 months of this subject.

Experiencing coaching supports you and demonstrates coaching at its best. The outcomes for this task (over the two sessions) are listed below. Students shall be able to:

  1. Increase their coaching confidence
  2. Allow themselves to experience coaching as a client
  3. Leverage from an increased clarity of how coaching occurs to broaden their own coaching practice
  4. Incorporate a wider variety of coaching skills in their own practice
  5. Reflect on the process of  leading from behind and how this felt personally

As the client, we encourage you to approach your chosen coach with your chosen area of focus, it may be around worries about your coaching confidence, or study, or more personal, the session is for you, led by you and about you.

The two sessions are an additional cost to the $399 and are in direct response to student feedback regarding coaching confidence.


Mental health awareness

Designed to bring mental health awareness to the forefront, understand what the major crises are, recognising them, understanding how best to respond and where to access essential knowledge and resources.

This subject is unit three of the Nutrition; Health Coaching program, it can be taken as an individual subject on its own also.
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