CATEGORY: CATEGORY - Business and Development Sessions

LIVE SMALL GROUP 1.5hr Session: Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Course Access: 168 days access
Course Overview

Seeing opportunities in the ordinary
and extraordinary seems to come easier to some than others, but there
is no reason why we can’t all see opportunity in the most unlikely
places. You’ll discover how listening to your people and taking a lead
from them (listening to hear) can unlock vision. Exploring how to see
connections to ‘join the dots’ and how to leverage your advantage.
You’ll be supported in seeing sign posts, in tapping into mindfulness
and understanding its role in clarity to begin to find your way ahead.

Investment: $165  (includes a session workbook, valued at $25)   
Business Coach: Lorna Stewart, ICF Master Certified Coach 
Delivery: Small group
NHC Elective? Yes, as a bundle**
Requirements: Access to Zoom


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