Part of being a successful coach involves having built confidence in your coaching while training, and gaining a clear vision of your clientele and how to best connect with them. In your practicum subject, you’ll accrue your coaching hours, explore holistic modalities, learn how to refer clients to other professionals and work alongside them, and how to connect with local, regional and global agencies who may provide support for your clients where needed. You’ll attend live virtual classes, and be coached and mentored through your practical component of your training towards becoming a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach.

If you’ve previously studied coaching and feel you are just not yet coach-ready, that you want to practice more, be guided more, have an opportunity to ask questions to get your mindset right then The Practicum: Exploring Complementary Wellness Modalities subject is perfect for you.

This subject of study is in our newest program the Holistic Wellness Coaching Program. In completing this subject you will have completed one subject in this qualification. You can credit this unit of study into the program at any time.