This course draws the best from the Dietary Guidelines (DGs), reviews topics covered in subjects such as the introduction to meal and menu planning, and uses food groups and dietary diversity measures so that you can support clients in their healthy eating. Of course the DGs can seem a little limited, in fact, it’s all in the way you use the extensive data they are based on as to how useful they are for you and clients. This course uses evidence-based dietary assessment techniques, easily accessed meal evaluation apps and a non-diet based approach along with coaching for wellbeing strategies. You will learn to use a collaborative framework that supports clients in making their own informed decision about their lifestyle choices, after all we know that it takes more than information to change eating habits permanently. You will be able to assist clients in creating charts and graphs on their diet and then making improvements, and the course offers you numerous templates to assist this change process. The benefit of a nutrition course like this for PTs is that you stay within your scope of practice, yet you can work with your clients in a food coaching capacity by using approved means of analysis and applications to aid clients in creating improved meals, eating habits and health.