You’ll learn how to create a coaching agreement where the client is able to define their ideal outcomes, how they will know when they have achieved this in the session and how this will improve the situation they are exploring. Through experiential learning you’ll be empowered to embrace highly developed communication that evokes awareness in clients and unlocks their own power within.

During your training you’ll develop your ability to facilitate clients insights and inner knowing so they can set these into action to live an autonomous, purposeful and fulfilled life. Practices such as holding the silence while clients process their thoughts and feelings, intuitive curiosity-led questioning, techniques for self-accountability and celebrating progress and successes to name just a few are developed.

In class you’ll explore the ethical considerations of working as a coach a long with what characteristics embody a coaching mindset.


– Foundations of Coaching
– Mental Health & Trauma Awareness
– CCP Training Unit (includes 21 live coach training classes)