INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED NUTRITION & HEALTH COACHThe Internationally Accredited Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health Coaching is a seven-unit program for those looking to support others in creating a health-filled and vital lifestyle. The seven units are set out in the following way:


Four core units:

Psychology, Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Management
Certificate of Human NutritionPhysical, Emotional and Mental Health
Wellbeing Management & Health Coaching Practices


Three electives of your choice:

There is a wide range of electives to chose from to suit your personal and professional interests.
You have 18-months to complete your seven units and while you have a 6 month active period per individual unit you will need to pace yourself so that you are working faster than the maximum period allowed. To estimate the time it should take to complete a unit you can look at the average amount of hours required for the unit. For example, some units will take 50 hours of study while others will take less than 20.

To Enrol

You can commence your studies with just one unit, either Unit 1 (Psychology) or unit 2 (Nutrition), or you can enrol into both and get a great discount (paying $764.10 instead of $849).

To Get Started

You can get started in at most one business day, just follow the simple steps below:

Create An Account.You will receive an email, you will need to use this to confirm your account and log in.
Carefully decide your starting unit or units.
Add your chosen starter option either a) one unit (Psychology or Nutrition) or b) the two-unit starter option with a discount (includes both the Psychology unit and the Nutrition unit)
 And bam! You’ll be underway in no time.

 Please add our email address to your email contacts to avoid missing out on your login details and other important information. Enrolling into your next unitThis area is dedicated for your initial commencement subjects for the Nutrition & Health Coaching program. When you are ready to enrol into your next unit hop into the Individual Units, Electives, Kits, Prints category and search for your next subject by name, or just buzz the office.

Extensive Professional Points

If you are also a PT, ESSA member, nurse, naturopath etc you can use many of the units to maintain your professional continuing education points as we have registered various courses for extensive points.


So, get started today, don’t let more time slip away or waste that motivation you have now. Create Your Account and add your starter unit. It takes just one business day at most and you will find all your course materials will be right here on hand 24/7 once you get started.


If you have any trouble, just buzz, Skype or email us at the office, it’s super easy to enrol you over the phone.Enjoy your studies




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