CATEGORY: CATEGORY - Nutrition & Health Coaching Program

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaching Program: Single Unit – Nutrition Unit – ENROL HERE

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

By selecting this ‘Course’ option, you are opting to start your Advanced Certificate
of Nutrition & Health Coaching Program
(NHC) with a single unit, the:

  1. Certificate of Human Nutrition


Your course will appear immediately after
payment. Once everything is ready to go you will initially have three units
appearing in your ‘My Courses’.

  1. The main program – Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health
    Coaching – this contains your course handbook and more
  2. The single-unit starter – it has no content and is simply
    the area you used to enrol
  3. Your first unit – The Certificate of Human Nutrition

Every subject has an introduction section which details just what is involved
in your course. If in doubt just buzz us in the office and we can organise it
all from this end.

Get involved and enjoy.