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RECORDED Webinar: Creating Client Avatars, Mapping Customer Journeys & Creating Product Offers

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Course Overview

Business marketing starts, focuses and ends with your client, it’s
essential to know who your client is, to have a clear and accurate
picture (Avatar) of them and to understand what their challenges are
that take them looking for you, without this you may simply be selling
to yourself.

This recorded
video explores the initial marketing strategies every business should
understand, Heather takes you through these topics via a live
demonstration with a Well College Student who is in the process of
setting up her Nutrition & Health Coaching business online. You will

* How to define and find your perfect client or niche.
How to map out your customer’s journey so you know how to attract new
buyers and are able to understand what to sell to them ongoing.
* How to create your product offers, including pricing, positioning and inclusions.

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