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Meal & Menu Planning: Sample course

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Course Overview

Here’s a great opportunity to check out our actual course content and better understand what it takes to be an awesome meal planner. Or perhaps you’re considering doing a course with us and want to know how we will deliver your study? 

This no-catches free eCourse will offer you a chance to:

  1. Access real content from our Certificate of Human Nutrition unit
  2. Access real content from our Meal & Menu Planning unit
  3. Have a play with our user-friendly learning system
  4. Check out our flexible learning style and be confident that our priority is your learning not testing
  5. Gather some great wellbeing and eating tips and facts
  6. Download a certificate of completion (no charge, no tricks)
  7. Gain confidence that you’re ready for study
  8. Trial what it’s like to study to become a nutritionist, or a Nutrition & Health Coach
nutrition and health messages out there can be so confusing, one minute
something is a superfood the next minute it’s bad for you. We are not
here to endorse any products, lifestyles or diets, instead, we believe
in a judgement-free, non-diet approach that sees food as nourishment for
the mind, body and soul. As a health training college, we believe it’s
our role to provide evidence-based information and strongly documented
knowledge so that you can make your own informed and balanced view and
take your health into your hands; and encourage clients to do the same.
College Global is a boutique college, you’ll find we are very different from anywhere you’ve studied before. We are highly flexible with dates,
our focus is on learning through experience not testing, we truly understand the importance of support and individualised service because we know how busy life can be and how challenging it can get. We will always do what we can to make your learning about you and your journey.
We’d be honoured to be a part of the road you are travelling on your way to you.

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