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Coaching Kit – Platinum bundle of both toolkits and Discovery Program

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

We’ve bundled all three kits and workbooks to create the ultimate coaching kit so you can rebrand and launch your coaching services with a full set of client ‘assets’. Includes:

  1. Toolkit – over 20 tools and templates in MS Word and Xcel so you can format to your required style
  2. Premium toolkit – includes Well College Global’s AGAR and Wellbeing Assessment tools so you can format (note T&Cs below)
  3. My Discovery Program Booklet to help you structure your session packs and session and so your clients can work through their growth and personal development with you and while you are not in contact*. 73-page PDF with 8-page Coaching Manual. A protected
    document and is not formattable.
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