CCP Plus
CATEGORY: CATEGORY - Individual Units, Electives, Coaching Tool Kits

Cultivating Coaching Confidence in Coaches & Clients

Course Access: 365 days access
Course Overview
explorative course designed specifically for professionals working
closely with clients who are seeking to consolidate their coaching
professionalism, and build client trust. The
transition from student to coach can be the step that is the biggest. We
often hear students say ‘I don’t feel like I know enough’, or that they
don’t feel ready, or that they just don’t feel confident.This
subject is designed to peel back some of the layers of what may be
holding you back, through experiencing coaching you’ll get your coaching
mojo so you can stay true to fulfilling the reason you came to coaching
in the first place. We have so many excellent
coaches in the making, don’t let yourself be limited by your inner
critic, or fall by the wayside, live your life to its fullest.

an experience-based subject you’ll work through a workbook that directs
you to personal and practical work, and along the way, you’ll be
required to undertake experiential work to complete the course.

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