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Coaching – Client’s ‘Discovery Program Workbook’ & Coaching Manual

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Perfectly placed to help you create an 8-week program for clients or groups, but with a high degree of flexibility so that you can flex your entrepreneurial spirit and create individual and group programs with differentiation. You’ll have the Adobe (pdf) Client Workbook to pass onto clients, plus a coach’s manual to help you use the program. You might email the workbook to your client or print it and provide to your client during the session as part of your coaching package.

The ‘Discovery Program Workbook’ for clients and your Coaching Manual are designed to provide your clients opportunities of self-discovery, with reflections of what is crafted in your sessions. The client is able to continue to build on the work done in and between sessions. The client’s ‘My Discovery Program Workbook’ acts as a structure, support, as evidence and as a plan for you both, and with this guided workbook you’ll be placing the client as the driver in their journey. Your client may at times find themselves going into some areas that make them feel uncomfortable, but you’ll be there with them as their ‘cheer squad’, without judgement, shining your light to illuminate the way.

This tool is provided as is and is not available as an editable document due to the nature of the file. You can, however, add your own business details manually to the front cover. 


Format: 73-page PDF with 8-page Coaching Manual


The Workbook is designed with 8 distinct sections (the first three are introductions including a Coaching Agreement for formalise and commence the program):

 1.  Discovery Program Workbook for Clients

2.   Discovery Program Basic Strategy

3.   Our Commitment to Each Other

4.   How to use your Discovery Workbook

5.   Area/s of Concern

6.   Self-Discovery

7.   Kicking My Personal Goals

8.   Action Stations

9.   Review / Reflect

10. Wahoo… Congratulations

Include your client’s ‘Discovery Program Workbook’ in their welcome pack you create and forward to them. Client’s will have direction, support, monitoring, evidence of growth and change and be motivated by the journey every step of the way.

  • You are welcome to contact the office for a 12-page snippet of the booklet.

NB: Students undertaking the Coaching Confidence subject will be provided with this tool as part of their course.

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NOTE: This is not a course and as such is not an elective unit.

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