The Certified Women’s Health & Wellness Coach Program

A unique, comprehensive program allowing you to work with clients as a Women’s Health & Wellness Coach. Encompassing all elements of our human wellbeing, and with a core focus unit on Women’s Health & Hormones, this course will prepare you to be a highly skilled and professional coach, specialising in the health of women.


In purchasing this product you are enrolling into all 8 units of Women’s Health & Wellness Coaching Program UPFRONT and receive not only a discount but valuable additions to round off your training.

Units of Study:
1. Psychology & Wellbeing Foundations $399

2. Wellbeing Management and Coaching Practices $525

3. Women’s Health & Hormones $350

4. Non-Diet Approach to Coaching $350

5. The Gut & Microbiome $350

6. Your choice of 1x elective @ $350 each. Please email the office when you have chosen and are ready to have access to your elective.

7. Mental Health & Trauma Awareness $180

+ Complimentary studies in Disease & Wellbeing Guidelines

+ An additional elective of your choice; 1:1 Private Coaching Session*; Client’s Discovery Program Booklet; Premium Coaches Tool Kit; ‘Starting out in Business’ Webinar; Your choice of business, marketing or digital media module* = $925

*Book with office


If in doubt we are always happy to take your enrolment by phone, simply buzz our office (+61 2 94009759).


** In enrolling into the program upfront, you agree to our T&Cs that refunds are not possible.