Hello and welcome,The Professional Certificate of Wellbeing Coaching is a 12 month, three unit upskilling program designed specifically for those working in the health, sport or fitness industry looking to better manage the change process to improve client outcomes. The three units required for this Professional Certificate include:Psychology, Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Management Wellbeing Management & Health Coaching PracticesPhysical, Emotional & Mental Health To EnrolYou can enrol into both units and gain a discount in doing so (paying $831.60 instead of $924), or start with Unit 1 (which is required in order to commence Unit 2). If you wish to pay for all units upfront contact the office. To Get StartedYou can get started immediately, just follow the simple steps below:Create An Account.You will receive an email, you will need to use this to confirm your account and log in.Carefully decide your starting unit or units.Add your chosen starter option either a) one unit (Psychology ) or b) the two-unit starter option with discount (includes both the program units)You’ll be underway in no time.Please add our hello@wellcollegeglobal.com email address to your email contacts to avoid missing out on your login details and other important information. Extensive PointsIf you are using the program for points, for example with ESSA, both units offer 15 CPDs, so you can span them over a two-point period, double benefit from this program. Likewise, both units offer PT’s CECs or CPDs. And Unit 1 provides nursing points. Again, any issues, just call the office, we are always happy to help.The Team at WELL COLLEGE


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