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HIDDEN – Print Upgrade fee Cert. of Hum. Nut. – NZ ONLY

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Optional print upgrade of $95 (AUD) available on the following courses only:

– Certificate of Human Nutrition

Simply add to your cart and we will print, pack and deliver to your door.

We do not offer print upgrades on other subjects simply because we can’t offer smaller textbooks at a reasonably economical rate for our students, office works is a fraction of the cost. The subject above has a large textbook, whereas as most of our other courses have smaller textbooks hence our students would be much better off sending the documents to an Officeworks or some other similar printing facility and getting them professionally printed and bound yourself.

VALID ONLY FOR STUDENTS RESIDING IN NEW ZEALAND, CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN THE UNIT. Not available to students whose enrolment into the unit has expired.