CATEGORY: ARCHIVED - CH old courses not in use

ARCHIVED – The Certificate of Human Nutrition

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

So you have found lots of courses out there and they are all beginning to merge into one. Why should you do our course we hear you ask! Quite simply, our nutrition course provides you with degree or health coaching pathways, the best service and support, totally current content and at the best price! We believe we have the best course out there! Yes, our course covers all the national and international knowledge you need to know about diet and nutrition, energy, and lifespan nutrition (sports, weight loss, childhood and nutrition for older adults).  But, we go that little further to make your distance learning not so distant. All students have a private Student Portal, can contact us any time by phone, email or Skype. If you take this unit as part of our Nutrition & Health Coaching qualification you will also have a close and private Facebook group to be supported each step of the way by our staff, coaches and student community. We can’t forget the extensive resources; healthy eating booklets and access to our fact sheets for personal or professional use. Apply your knowledge to yourself and family or to clients, you’re not likely to find a course as comprehensive, with the same options as this one for the same price.  If you’re toying with a career in nutrition this is the course for you because it gives you a nutrition unit exemption in the Nutrition or Naturopathic degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health! This course is perfect for PT’s wanting to understand more about nutrition (the content far exceeds what you will have learned in Cert III and IV).

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