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Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Build scale into your PT business and offer clients a diversity of physical activity options that push through the plateau phases. You can teach SkipItFit in the smallest of spaces to large gyms and recession proof your workouts by ensuring low start up costs and maximum results for your clients. SkipItFit is the provided, run and assessed by SkipIt director, Rachel Vincent, a Cadence Health qualified Health Coach.

What does the course cover?
* 10 base moves to tone the major muscle groups of the body
* Basic to advanced instructional techniques for teaching skipping classes, and
* Techniques to deliver to a wide range of fitness levels, via complexity & intensity
*The option on how to use SKIPITFIT as a part of H.I.I.T. class, Personal Training or a 30minute class

Holds 6 Fitness Australia CECs.