A super handy set of tools, worksheets, and templates in MS Word and Xcel so you can tailor to your brand and business. Includes (to name just a few, and may slightly deviate with time):

  1. Blood Sugar Cycle chart
  2. Connecting to internal cues for healthy eating
  3. Hydration checker
  4. Seasonal produce (northern hemisphere and southern)
  5. Session flow chart
  7. Coaching session plan
  8. Coaching MOU Template
  9. Decisional balance sheet
  10. Readiness for change chart
  11. Detective thinking skills
  12. Food swapper worksheet
  13. Eating and moods worksheet
  14. Blank diet diary
  15. Personal values worksheet
  16. Stage of change worksheet
  17. Food coaching and eating habits worksheets
  18. Habit tracker
  19. Habits shaper
  20. Coaching agreement template
  21. Obstacles and barriers worksheet
  22. Projects planner
  23. Reconnect with internal cues
  24. Scaling form
  25. Personal values worksheet
  26. Scripting homework sheet
  27. Seasonal produce chart
  28. Stages of change sheet
  29. Swap It Chart
  30. Thoughts and feelings worksheet
  31. Weekly meal planner
  32. What I Think and Fee
  33. What triggers your eating
  34. Worry Scale
  • Self and body compassion rating
  • And we add more regularly, and likewise, we may remove some from time-to-time if we feel they are no longer relevant.  Alternatively, see the Client Discovery Workbook which combines many of these tools into a unique workbook to help you structure sessions with your clients.

Available for Well College Students only