Your career is turning a corner, how do you move towards this with enthusiasm and motivation, with support, with direction and purpose? Retirement is not an option. Your competitive edge is not physically required any longer, but your mental sharpness and tenacity to deliver still resides: these are your unique skills and experiences to carry you into your next professional venture.  Your opportunities from this program take you to wellbeing or wellness coaching for your team, you’ll be adept and harnessing positive behaviour change, you’ll be able to influence and inspire and you’ll be able to support coaching units.


Start here to enrol into Unit 1: Psychology, Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Management This unit will look closely at the theory that underlines health coaching and wellbeing management, you will gain a understanding of psychology, so you can better understand human behaviour (learning, personality, habits, motivation and decision-making) and the factors that influence it. Effective communications is critical to a successful coaching relationship and you will review areas of active listening, rephrasing, reflection and motivational interviewing as your tools to support clients in making positive health changes. You will look closely at the theories of behaviour change including the most widely used model, the Transtheoretical Model of Change. Through this section you will gain an understanding of what fosters positive change, how to overcome barriers and how to support maintenance of change. Lastly, the unit covers areas of wellbeing including holistic health, the non-diet based approach to healthy eating, stress management and creating life balance.


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