You’ve got your business mantra down pat and now you’re confident with talking the talk, so your next stop is finding the people who want to hear what you have to say!

Having a crystal clear picture of the ideal clients you want to attract helps you focus your efforts so you’re not running around creating “one size fits all” products, services and marketing that doesn’t have any impact. Generalising your marketing and your offering to everyone can have negative effects — you can end up missing the mark totally – not finding the right prospects who will turn into paying clients. Having a target client in mind provides clarity and purpose to your content. It gives you a laser focus for your marketing and avoids wasting time and energy. Heather will give you fantastic tools and links to use to find where your people hang out, what it is they’re talking about, and in what way. Once you have this you can ‘speak their speak’ so you are really connecting on a personal level with YOUR market, and with people who actually want what you are offering. When you know your people, where they are, and what they want you can formulate your marketing plan, a digital strategy, get the look and feel of your website right, understand best product placement and pricing, create effective email campaigns and advertise effectively. In short you can ensure maximum bang for your buck and effort!