Understand the change process so that you can be an effective catalyst of this process, manage client ambivalence and resistance, create processes for active change and enable client self-monitoring, as well as accrue valuable knowledge to support healthfull attitudes and habits towards eating, and place your clients at the helm of their new direction.

Specifically designed for those working in the health, exercise and/or fitness industry who are looking to better manage the health change process to improve client outcomes. As a professional certificate, this program offers sports, fitness and health professionals substantial continuing education points at the same time. Space your learning out over 12 months or complete faster. Enrolling here will get you started with the first two (of three) subjects with a discount applied.

Start here to enrol into Unit 1: Psychology, Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Management This unit will look closely at the theory that underlines health coaching and wellbeing management, you will gain an understanding of psychology, so you can better understand human behaviour (learning, personality, habits, motivation and decision-making) and the factors that influence it. Effective communications is critical to a successful coaching relationship and you will review areas of active listening, rephrasing, reflection and motivational interviewing as your tools to support clients in making positive health changes. You will look closely at the theories of behaviour change including the most widely used model, the Transtheoretical Model of Change. Through this section, you will gain an understanding of what fosters positive change, how to overcome barriers and how to support the maintenance of change. Lastly, the unit covers areas of wellbeing including holistic health, the non-diet based approach to healthy eating, stress management and creating life balance.


Unit 2: Wellbeing Management and Coaching Practices enables students to develop their health coaching practices through a step-by-step approach to applying the detailed knowledge gained in the prerequisite unit (Psychology, Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Management). You will put into practice many of the coaching skills covered in the prior unit as well as build a solid foundation for working with clients in a safe, effective, but engaging manner.

‚ÄčAs you progress you will build various case studies, starting out gently to finally undertaking a full case study. You will gain the confidence to work clients to explore areas of concern and stages of change, using tools to support clients to move beyond ambivalence so they can create visions and goals, along with action plans to live their life in full wellbeing. Students are provided with a wide array of tools in the course ‘tool kit’ so you don’t need to ‘recreate the wheel’ when you start out. The unit starts out simply, then fleshes out every step and brings it all back to a user-friendly application in the real world. The practical tasks assimilate the assessment tasks you are building your skills and learning along the way.

You are enrolling and paying for two of three units, leaving one unit to enrol and pay for. Please call the office regarding exemptions BEFORE enrolling into this option. Please note the additional costs in the remaining unit, Physical Emotional and Mental Health unit.