Become an approved Meal & Menu Planner
One of the areas of food coaching so rarely discussed. At last you can learn all the ins and outs of how to plan meals and menus for yourself, your family or for clients. This 4-unit program takes you through the tools of gathering client eating information, analysing eating habits, how to create a healthful eating plan – including creating and assessing recipes for clients, and how to monitor progress.

Using your nutrition knowledge from this program, you’ll review current eating for healthfulness with your client. Together, you’ll pinpoint areas to improve, coming up with ideas and better options. You’ll then pull together all the information and place into a meal plan your client has effectively driven, but you have collated and prepared.

We provide you with extensive tools and templates, plus a months free access to one of the best meal planning software around. This course uses a handy app to drop recipes and meals into and plan for a day, week, month or longer. You will find that this sort of food coaching technique is very powerful in helping clients make positive, permanent health choices.

Enrolling here you will commence your studies with units 1, 2 and 3 and gain a discount (leaves just one lective to complete this program).

Unit 1: The Certificate of Human Nutrition where you’ll explore the concept of a ‘good diet’, a review of global dietary guidelines, all you need to know about carbohydrates and sugars, the latest on dietary fats (with special coverage of cholesterol and saturated fats), how protein functions, and a special look at vegetarian and vegan diets. You’ll also look into micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), water balance and hydration. Plus special topics such as early nutrition (including a look at food allergies), pregnancy nutrition, sports nutrition, weight loss nutrition, nutrition of older adults, food safety and a chapter on dietary assessment (based on a non-diet approach).


Unit 2: Introduction to Meal & Menu Planning. The unit covers how to collate data on meals, how to work with clients to create healthful eating plans and how to continue to evolve meal and menus for health. Course work involves extensive activities in planning and assessing, recipe creation and evaluation, software for meal planning with clients and much more.


Unit 3: Psychology, Behaviour Change and Wellbeing Management – This unit will look closely at the theory that underlines health coaching and wellbeing management, you will gain a understanding of psychology, so you can better understand human behaviour (learning, personality, habits, motivation and decision-making) and the factors that influence it. Effective communications is critical to a successful coaching relationship and you will review areas of active listening, rephrasing, reflection and motivational interviewing as your tools to support clients in making positive health changes. You will look closely at the theories of behaviour change including the most widely used model, the Transtheoretical Model of Change. Through this section you will gain an understanding of what fosters positive change, how to overcome barriers and how to support maintenance of change. Lastly, the unit covers areas of wellbeing including holistic health, the non-diet based approach to healthy eating, stress management and creating life balance.


This leaves you with just one elective to complete this program. You’ll enjoy our three-unit-starter discount.