It’s in a trainer’s best interest to have a sound knowledge base in order to develop, establish, and be able to modify an excellent postnatal programme. The aim of the programme is to maintain the mother’s optimal health after the birth of her baby. Once the baby is born, a mother is usually keen to regain her shape, strengthen her abdominal, back and deep core muscles to help deal with the increased physical activity related to the care of her new baby, and also prepare for any subsequent pregnancies. A thorough understanding of the changes that have occurred to a woman’s body and mind, during pregnancy, and after the delivery of her baby is essential. These changes, which are specific to every woman, guide the trainer in developing an optimal personalised exercise programme and manage not only the straightforward client but the more complex one as well. Online course of study.

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Both pregnancy exercise programmes are provided by Lorraine Starsmeare B.App. Sc.( Physio); M.Clin.Physio
Course author: Lorraine Starsmeare is a co-director of Pilates Physio Style, a successful business grown out of personalising the service and modifying programs in line with the most recent research. Lorraine is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist who has specialised for the last 12 years in providing rehab programmes,  particularly for pre- and postnatal women. Each individual, including the pre- and postnatal woman, are always managed based on the outcomes from their initial consultation.