Short bridging course to start your ICF credentialing.


About the program

This coach training program will help you to grow and deepen your coaching through synchronous coach training sessions led by experienced ICF coaches from a range of backgrounds. Your sessions will involve coaching activities including fishbowl sessions, video analysis, case study exploration sessions, tutorial attendance, and one-on-one sessions with ICF credentialed instructors and coaches. Currently, this is the only program enabling students to study from anywhere in the world and with a high degree of flexibility, you’ll use our user-friendly learning system to seamlessly connect with peers and coaches in fully supported face-to-face sessions. Your textbook, personal study booklet, complimentary access to the Discovery Program Client Workbook and learning system all run in line with each to make learning stress-free, engaging, exploratory, personalised and intimate. You can read more on the Health & Wellbeing Coaching Program page.

Included in this program is:

  1. Your Mental Health Awareness module
  2. A nutrition or health elective
  3. A complimentary copy of our ‘Client’s Discovery Program Workbook‘ for you to share with clients

Valued at $600+

New to coaching?

Applicants without prior learning or experience can start out with our Foundations of Coaching bridging course so they can make an easy transition to the full program. You can enrol directly into this course at any time.

You will be hard-pressed to find another program with the same intimate learning experience which creates a safe, personal, engaging, low-stress and trusting learning environment, or degree of flexibility that fits with your busy lifestyle. Your learning is our focus, not arbitrary dates, assessments or tests. We do not use tests or essays, your learning occurs dynamically through doing!


Why Well College?

To our knowledge, we are currently the only provider offering a qualification of this quality in this way. Our program enables you to study from the safety and comfort of your home or office, while connecting face-to-face with your fellow participants and instructors via our easy-to-use live virtual classroom. As a Well College Global trained coach you will partner with your clients, walking with deep curiosity slightly behind them shining a light on their strengths, successes and resources so they can reach their visions.

Find out more…

See syllabus for term dates and session times or buzz the office.


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