In purchasing this program you are enrolling into all 7 units of the Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach Certification Program via the Upfront Value Bundle.  The program is approved UK PCI for ‘health and wellbeing’ roles in the NHS and additionally across 38 regions*  by IICT.

1. Psychology & Wellbeing Foundations $399

2. Certificate of Human Nutrition $450

3. Physical, Mental Health & Trauma Awareness $399

4. Wellbeing Management and Health Coaching Practices $525

5. Coaching Practicum: Establishing Your Niche and Professional Network $525 – NOT INCLUDED SEE OFFICE IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE NEWEST VERSION OF THIS PROGRAM (COMMENCED 1 MARCH 2023) WHICH IS NOW APPROVED BY HCANZA – OR ENROL VIA THIS PRODUCT. Both versions are valid and credentialed, the newest one simply has an additional approval.

AND 3 electives. You can select your electives at any point in your studies.

Bundle valued at $925 also includes:

  1. Your choice of additional elective -You can select your additional elective at any point in your studies
  2. A private 1:1 coaching session
  3. Premium Tool Kit
  4. Best Start to Business Webinar
  5. Your choice of an additional business webinar – You can select your webinar at any point in your studies
As soon as you enrol you will be transferred to the learning system and all your subjects will be available immediately for you. We recommend chatting with us for an orientation session so you know where to start and how to move through your program. It all happens super fast and we can’t wait to connect with you.
Study demand: 4 hours study a week and you’ll complete in around 18 months (the more you fit in the faster you’ll qualify)
Learning system: 24-hour access to the latest super easy learning system
Study support: Book into live classes in your time zone, beautiful FB study group, amazing support from our whole collective
Business support: Well & Truly Biz Success program included so you develop your business as you go
Coaching support: Extensive collection of coaching tools, booklets and templates to use with clients
Graduating support: Detailed Grad Launcher Pack to get certified, insured, registered and setup in business


  • Option to gain a dual qualification with Women’s Health and Wellness Coaching Program.
  • Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD/ CEC) are available on multiple units.
  • Credits towards degrees in Lifestyle Coaching, nutrition, naturopathy quals …


* Acceptance into degree pathways is dependent on all other admission requirements being met, please contact the provider.
** In enrolling into the program upfront, you agree to our T&Cs that refunds are not possible.